story teller 

I thought it was a dream.

But it was a tale told by an idiot,

because it’s a story about love ?

No!!  it was just about  you.




In between the past that are being yesterdays 

and the future that carries the burden of hope,

I sewed the truth of present.

I knew earlier that this would happen.

The dreariness realised during the day.

The restlessness realised during the night. 

Unexplainable! You filled the cosmos.

Even if there are many colours,

for my fiery love, 

for my revolutionary vigour and

for the blood I scattered,

you gave red gulmohars.

And in the glimpse of that memory, I live.

For my uncharted wanderings, 

there is no beginning and end without you.

In the parade of failures; I, me, myself being the truth, 

I’m once again searching for the enigma that you are.

my words

Like innumerable company of stars,

my consciousness floating in waves 

of desires has also diffused in darkness.

The glimmers of awaken dreams has

quenched by demonic hands of drugs.

deep love 

The love I felt for the  arousally rumbling sea , even it was dredged aside by waves.

That didn’t stop me.

At last, I become one among the waves and plunged myself into the  sea.

Surprisingly, the sea was much 

deeper than my love