Government sponsored brutality glorified

There is a “saying man is a social being “which means that human beings have a tendency or instinct to be with other human beings. If we talk its extensive meaning, it will be like this; man is always like to be a member of a group or a society. This gregariousness might have influenced man in seeking companions, getting a life partner, raring a family or to be a member of a clan and even in forming a nation. A peaceful and prosperous life had been attained by the humans on the foundation of the value of belongingness. But this assessment on the human interest is becoming a lifeless story when the modern man becomes barbarians in their thoughts, dreams and actions. Barbarianism in the form of cruelty to children, and to prisoners, soldiers arrested by enemy nation, atrocities against captive and all sorts of ill treatment against the poor working class.

                   There are two types of brutality and human right negation; one is by individuals and other is the brutality sponsored by nation against other nation and the peoples there in the enemy nations. If one asks, which is more terrifying and brings out more consequences, the answer is simple, both are equally intensive.

The barbaric action of an individual against another individual is punishable within the boundaries of a country. But, in which way barbarism is punishable, if sponsored by governments and administrative? Almost all nations have their own secret agencies on the brand of intelligence or surveillance that are involving in barbarism and torturing others.

Though found peaceful or peace loving overtly, through the policies certain nations are promoting barbarism from behind the curtain. No governments are accused of in the respective nations by the court or by the parliament, in democratic set up for their brutality against the citizens of other nations. Instead, brutality is glorified on terms of blind patriotism or chauvinism.

It is against these realities, the world nations have to rethink their policies on encouraging barbarism with one hand, and fighting barbarism with other hand. The role of international organizations including, UN and other international peace associations, Amnesty international and other human right organizations are highly relevant for fighting brutality by man against man. The greatest of all greatest people, Buddha, Aristotle, Socrates, and Mahatma Gandhi who lived and died for a world without barbarism have been forgotten even by students who are liable to know about the solutions and philosophies propagated by them. Back to their words are the answers to the present condition.


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