We the slaves of our habit

People do not have any control have on their habits or on their weakness .I don’t have any control over my habit, emotions, and also on my madness. Am the person who lives only for this moment not in the past not for the future. Sometimes this will be the biggest problem in my life. If I have any idea about what am doing that will the biggest achievement on my life.


Puzzles made by my mind that
Make me such an idiot. And am-
Wakeup on the bells rang by my romance.
            The process of rectifying                 my mistakes become-
My credibility on future.
The long and ongoing process is that-
To test my patience over my luck.                                                                           Control over my senses is    the victory
Against   the injustice of the world.
Bargaining on my body will make me aProstitute.
But the pawning my respect –
As well as the my talents   for others is
Considered   only as a livelihood nothing less.

 Life is only a race faster than cars
Between seasons. Experience is the greatest lessons in Life. But it’s valuable only after a loss.

       But, acts made on my decisions
Make me rebel. My Different thoughts
Be considered as madness.  .
My hands race for justice will
Be locked by society. Search for truth is becomes
My last will. At last compromise makes me-
 a good social being and narcissist too
         These are the finding which the soul who have search
For the purpose, existence and the cause for the new birth
In the unknown game.



11 thoughts on “We the slaves of our habit

  1. i totally agree with the findings of a soul in search of existence and truth. We (with different thoughts which doesn’t fall under societal tag) are tagged rebel, mad, learn from the loss of life and at last compromised with the society 😦

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      1. There is a difference between failing and keep on trying… Giving upon something is the easiest thing to do, buy to get up and walk again… (Keep on trying) is something different and noble according to me…

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      2. I want to be the greenness of the leaf
        opening myself to wind
        taking in the molecules that have warmed
        the lambs and the mice
        and turning them again to oxygen
        that breath of fire.
        I want to be the black branches
        shining in the dull rain
        the wild water splashing
        on a boy and a girl standing against my trunk.
        I don’t want to be a tree,
        I want to be its meaning,
        the deep search for water
        in the dirt, the roots tonguing
        down and down to the dark places
        where death abounds.

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