when the mind speaks

I fight for what I believe

Maybe the wrong for the masses

But it’s just right for the time

So speak out

Words from the defeaters or the affected

Is hold against the system (govt).

Do you thing that’s coincident?

Or the head men’s have their own games to play?

Do we all citizens here? Somebody had their doubts

I’m a human not just a Hindu or Muslim or whatever

I’m a human with unbounded heart

Do we have boundaries within the country?

Or I’m from the wrong part.

Hey, my state is not led by any priest

I’m a voter I have my opinions

And I’m a writer, should express it in words

Is the going to ban or get to fired?

Can u speak your mind? I get afraid these days.

Are we ganged or bowed?

Or afraid that that I’m from a minority

Why is that, I don’t have much like minds here?

Or they get gun shots in dark night.

Why is that important these days?

You should politically correct with your answers,

Or hold a disclaimer that I’m nationalist.

I speak my mind not my religion

I fight for what I believe Or to what i get used to with